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casters Casters are hidden beneath the furniture style base.

Cutting Board

cutting board
Removable washable HDPE cutting board is FDA approved.

Umbrella holder not included.



Plate Setter Storage

plate setter storage
The top shelf is designed to hold your plate setter - a "must have" accessory for the Big Green Egg.

Ample Storage

big green egg storage
There is plenty of room for charcoal plus whatever accessories you need to store.

Big Green Egg Buddy $1399

Big Green Egg Table
The Egg Buddy is the perfect companion for your Big Green Egg. Whether you have an Egg on a Nest or one of Werever's cabinets, added storage and preparation space is always valuable. This attractive cabinet has room for charcoal, accessories, even a shelf designed to hold the plate setter.

This cabinet features Werever's industry exclusive hardware free construction. Our quality, experience, and value is unmatched in the outdoor living industry.

Completely Weatherproof

Constructed from marine grade polymer, this cabinet is can be completely soaked with water and will not swell mildew, or absorb moisture.