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Smoked Trout Dip with Spinach & Artichokes

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Page 38 of Big Green Egg Cookbook 

Difficulty C De-boning trout is a bit tedious
Taste A Oh man… awesome!
Was it worth it? Yes Best fish dip I’ve ever had


We had a suprisingly successful trout fishing trip that ended around 9 PM. I remembered seeing a recipe with trout in the Big Green Egg cookbook, so I suggested that we fire up the Egg and cook it that night.  We were enjoying smoked trout about three hours after it was swimming!

Catching Trout

No store-bought trout for us!

We got done fishing around 9 PM. I went to my house to start the grill while Charley stayed behind and cleaned the trout.  

Outdoor Kitchen Egg

I started the egg around 10 PM

The recipe calls for butterflying and de-boning the fish before smoking it. That sounds nice, but it is really hard to de-bone trout. You can lose quite a bit of meat, so we decided to smoke them whole (minus the heads).

Smoking Trout on Big Green Egg

400 degrees, mesquite chips, with the plate setter

The grill didn’t take long to get to 400 degrees. I probably didn’t soak the mesquite chips long enough. They seemed to smoke quite a bit at first, then the smoke died down. However, the smoke flavor was perfect. This was my first time smoking with the Big Green Egg, and I was really happy with the results.

Waiting for the trout to smoke

The trout is smoking, it smells GREAT... can't wait!

The recipe called for one pound of trout. We had MUCH more than a pound, so we ate some!  You gotta love a recipe that includes a meal along the way. So we took a break to enjoy some smoked trout. The flavor was absolutely delicious. Tender, moist, flaky, and the perfect amount of smoke.

Fresh smoked trout

Trout! Fresh out of the water, right off the egg!

I cook a ton of grilled fish on my outdoor kitchen. I would have probably never thought of smoking trout on the big green egg without the recipe on the book. I’ll probably cook all my fish on the big green egg all the time from now on. We’ll see!

We almost abandoned finishing the trout dip recipe. It was after midnight and everybody was TIRED. But, we added all of the ingredients minus the spinach. We forgot that ingredient and nobody wanted to go shopping that late.

Smoked Trout Dip

This Trout Dip is AWESOME. Unfortunately, we're hoarding it like it's GOLD!

So the finished product was missing the spinach only. I’m guessing the recipe would be better with the spinach, but I can’t imagine it would taste any better. This was DELICIOUS. Definitely will be a repeat… if I can catch more trout!