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Sausage & Cheese Breakfast Roll

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

This is an easy recipe that is always very popular.

First you will need to get:

(1) 8oz. package of sausage. (We use Jimmy Dean. You can use their “hot” variety for an added kick)

(1) 8oz. package of shredded cheese. (We use cheddar, but anything will work)

(1) Tube of Pillsbury French bread dough.

(2) Large eggs.

The first step is to get the EGG set-up for indirect cooking (legs up!) at 375 degrees.

While the EGG is heating up brown the sausage meat in a skillet, cook until brown and drain. Set aside and allow time to cool.

Browned sausage meat

Next take your dough and unroll it on a large, clean, & flat surface. Using a rolling pin you want to try to flatten the dough to about 15 x 9 inches. I obviously went a little bigger, which is fine.  

rolled out dough

Once the dough is laid flat and the sausage has cooled you can add the cheese and eggs to the sausage. Season with salt & pepper.

cheese, sausage & egg mixture

Take the mixture and spread it evenly across the laid out dough.

Ready to roll!

The next step is the only difficult part. You’ll want to fold over one section of the dough and then roll it up like a jelly roll. The dough can tend to get sticky so using a little water on your fingers helps. The faster you go the better this seems to work out. Trying to roll the dough to slowly will lead to holes in the dough and frustration for you.

Once it’s rolled it should look similar to a big burrito.

almost ready for the EGG!

Finally just grease a bundt pan and drop the roll inside.

Ready to go!

Place the pan on the EGG and cook at 375 degrees for 45 minutes.

after 45 minutes


Once the roll is done cooking remove it from the EGG. Place the bundt pan over a large plate and the roll should fall right out. Slice and enjoy!

All done & ready to serve