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Ribeye Steaks w/ Beer Sauteed Mushrooms & Onions

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

First step is to get some nicely marbled Ribeys steaks each about 1.5″ thick. Clean ‘em up and cover with your favorite steak seasoning or rub.


Rubbed and ready to go on the grill!

Allow the steaks to sit and get to room temp.

Now it’s time to heat up the EGG. You’ll want to set it up for direct cooking and get the temp to about 600 degrees.

One really hot Big Green Egg

While the steaks and EGG are doing their thing, get one large onion (I prefer red), and chop it into medium oddly sized pieces. If you have fresh mushrooms do the same with them.

Leave onion pieces a bit chunky to keep some bite.

Grab a medium pan and place it on the stove on medium high heat. Add enough extra virgin olive oil to lightly coat the bottom of the pan. Heat the oil and then add the onion pieces.

Onions sauteeing in EV olive oil.

You can add some seasoning to the onion pieces if you’d like. I usually add Adobo seasoning and a little bit of ground black pepper. Once everything starts simmering a lot of the oil will be assorbed or burnt off. At this point pour in enough beer to add some moisture to the mix. Just a little bit at a time and the type of beer doesn’t matter. I have done this with lagers, stouts, and ales and it’s always good.

A light lager beer will add a sweetness to the mix.

Once the onions are starting to look a little softer, add your mushrooms. Cover the pan with a lid and allow everything to simmer and soften together. Stir and add more beer as needed.

This smells SO good as it cooks together.

Now that the sautee is almost done it’s time to throw the steaks on the EGG.

Fresh steaks on the EGG

With the heat set at 600 degrees you are going to cook the steak for exactly 8 minutes (4 minutes on each side). This will get you a perfect medium steak. It is important to time this. If you cook it any longer it will be overdone quickly.

After 4 minutes on one side

If you time it correctly, both the steaks and the onion and mushroom mix should be ready around the same time.


Steaks are done after exactly 8 minutes.

Pair with your favorite sides and enjoy!


A quick, easy and somewhat healthy dinner.