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Big Green Egg Cabinet by Werever

Big Green Egg Cabinet

Welcome to the Big Green Egg Cabinet blog. Our purpose is to review recipes found in the 2010 Big Green Egg cookbook. We’re real people, not chefs, so you’ll get honest humble feedback. We’ll reference the recipes by page number and title, but we can’t publish the recipe. You’ll find pictures, comments, and our highly scientific rating system. We’re looking for easy recipes, great-tasting recipes, or the ones that are truly worth the extra effort.

We’re using the school A, B, C, D, F report card style grading system to rate Difficulty and Taste. For every recipe, we’ll also provide a Yes/No answer to “is it worth it?”

Difficulty A thru F A = easy!
Taste A thru F A = tasty!
Is it worth it? Yes or No Just a simple ‘yea’ or ‘nay’

We want your comments, feedback, and most definitely your own reviews and pictures. Comments are moderated, but we’ll allow complete honesty with regard to the recipes.

I can tell you right now we’re not going to attempt every recipe. So Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Crème Fraîche and Caviar on page 36 isn’t happening. (Do you know how hard it was to figure out how to type those silly little accents over the “e” and “i” when I was writing this post??? I’m definitely not going to try to shop for these ingredients either.

Let’s get cooking!

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