Worlds Easiest Boston Butt Recipe

I’ve basically mastered my Boston butt on a standard charcoal grill. I love it, but it does take a bit of work to maintain the temperature and you have to be home and up to monitor the fire. Every Egghead I’ve spoken to has said how easy a butt is on the EGG. I decided to try it for myself and was amazed at how simple and GOOD it really was. There are fancier recipes out there, including one in the Big Green Egg Cookbook, but this is the easiest by far. I have plans on doing a second butt based on their recipe to see if the extra work is really worth it. For now, here’s our recipe. 

Step 1: Get a Boston butt about 4 – 5 pounds. Most recipes will recommend tying it up with a string to keep it together, but we didn’t need to with this one. 

4lb. Boston Butt

4lb Boston butt

Step 2: Get the EGG loaded up with charcoal and heated to about 250 degress. 

Step 3: Rinse your butt with cool water and then pat dry. Place on a clean surface and cover in regular yellow mustard. This will help your rub to stick in the next step. 

mustard & butt

Step 4: Cover the entire butt in a generous amount of your choice of rub. There are a lot of great rub recipes out there, but since we were going to easy we went with one we already had. 

butt & rub

Step 5: Set-up the EGG with the plate setter (legs up) and a pan to catch the drippings. 

Egg @ 250, plate setter (legs up!), drip pan.

Step 6: Place the butt in the middle of the grid directly above the drip pan. 

Step 7: Let the butt cook for 10-12 hours without turning or moving it.

In our case, I put the butt on at about 6:30 at night and forgot about it until the next morning twelve hours later. This is what I found… 


Step 8: Remove from EGG, cover and allow a little time to cool. The butt should be perfect. Ours was crispy on the outside, falling apart tender on the inside, and so juicy.   

Step 9: Enjoy!! 

Easiest Boston Butt Ever!

Now wasn’t that easy!

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